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Tottenham Hotspur: Image shows another potential VAR penalty error v Liverpool

Image for Tottenham Hotspur: Image shows another potential VAR penalty error v Liverpool

Tottenham Hotspur may now feel robbed of yet another potential penalty shout from their game on Sunday against Liverpool. 

An image has emerged on Twitter of Lucas Moura being caught on the head by Thiago Alcantara’s raised boot in the dying minutes of the game.

It was another difficult match to digest for Spurs fans on Sunday after they tasted a Premier League defeat in which VAR was brought under scrutiny once again.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s push on Ryan Sessegnon was not deemed enough to warrant a penalty in the first half, and it seems there were shouts late on for another potential Spurs spot-kick.

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With seconds remaining, Moura attempted to head the ball but found the Spanish midfielder’s boot in his face despite not bending down to get his head on the ball.

TIF Thoughts on the image…

It has to be said, if this was to happen anywhere else on the pitch, you would expect to see the referee blow for a foul and give Spurs a free kick.

Should this have been a penalty too?





However, having seen Sessegnon pushed to the ground earlier on in the game and nothing given, we are not surprised by the referee’s call.

We think there is clearly one to be made – especially if Thiago caught Moura on the head – but with so much on the line at that stage in the game, it is not a shock to see the referee pass on the decision.

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  • oakvillespurs says:

    There was another foul by Trent on RY a short time afterwards outside the area but with less impact and was called a foul. Poor poor refreeing

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