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Arsenal: Richard Keys fuming over Arteta’s touchline position at Arsenal


Arsenal returned to the top of the Premier League table earlier on today as they got the better of Graham Potter’s Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. 

Indeed, a tap-in from Gabriel was enough to seal all three points in what was a rather impressive display from Arsenal.

However, it wasn’t without its controversy in the eyes of Richard Keys who seemed to take offence to Mikel Arteta’s position on the sidelines, as he took to Twitter to ask PGMOL to do something about the Arsenal boss’ position he was taking up.

This isn’t the first time that Keys has taken aim at Arteta over this as he brought up the same point during the Gunners’ clash with Manchester United earlier on in the season.

In September he stated:

“Why is Arteta allowed to spend the game on the touch line? Again today – in front of the 4th official as well. Does he has special dispensation?”

And now he says: “Why is this allowed every week @FA_PGMOL? Arteta has been jumping up & down all game – way outside his technical area. Potter is in his & 4th is watching. Do something about this man.”

TIF thoughts on Keys’ comments…

According to FIFA rules, ‘the coach and other officials must remain within the confines of the technical area except in special circumstances’, so you he’s technically correct with his comment. But, this didn’t have any kind of influence on what unfolded on the pitch as he doesn’t actually move onto the playing area, so it’s a bit of a pointless point to make.

It’s the job of the officials to make sure the Spaniard stays in his technical area and if they’re not too fussed by it then there’s no reason as to why Keys should care too much about it.

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