How to Bet on Football – A Brief Guide

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Football is the most popular sport in the world and provides value for several industries across the planet. One of the major winners in this regard is the sports betting industry. In fact, aspects such as in-play betting have sprung up due to the popularity of this particular sport where scores can change in a few minutes and the team that was losing comes out on top. If you’re planning to get involved in sports betting it is a good idea to check out the newest betting sites as these may have better offers and odds to attract players.

Now we have that out of the way, what are the better betting strategies where football is concerned?

Let’s take a deep dive.

Learn The Beautiful Game

It is essential that you understand the rules of football and how it works. You don’t have to be a World Cup winning manager but you do have to understand why one team is likely to win over another. Study the form of clubs especially if a particular club is having a good run of form and is the ‘surprise’ of the season.

To be successful at sports betting it is important to understand factors such as which players are delivering the goods and which ones aren’t, together with the history of players and clubs in certain competitions.

All that said, sometimes your instincts are sound so rely on them. We never said this sports betting thing was easy, did we!

Take a Deep Dive

Tactics are a key area to watch when trying to assess football matches. Look for patterns and trends in how teams perform against certain styles of play. This can be difficult but if you can crack it you are in a better position to bet.

It could be that team ‘A’ is high flying but tends to perform badly against team ‘B’ which has a specific play style, say defensive or oppressive. This can be due to a ‘gap’ in the tactics of team ‘A’ that can’t cope with that play style. This will translate across teams so you may want to use that information when choosing bets.

The other aspect to look at is the stats of specific players. If a forward has a 60% goal scoring rate and the goalkeeper has a 75% shot saving rate, this again becomes a factor in what bets to place. Number crunching is essential to successful betting.

Pay attention to who’s playing in a certain match. Players get injured or dropped all the time. If your calculations are based on that player being in the starting eleven and they don’t play, that can change everything.


Odds are important to pay attention to and not just to find the best odds from certain sites. Look for shifts in odds and try and work out why a sudden shift has taken place. Most of all try and work out if the bookies have missed something and made an error in their predictions. This could be an inform player, a play style between team ‘A’ and team ‘B’, anything that you think you can exploit for advantage you should do.

Good luck!

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