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Leeds United: Conor McGilligan slams Whites for chasing Nicolas Tagliafico over Charlie Taylor

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Podcaster Conor McGilligan has slammed Leeds United for reportedly chasing a transfer for Nicolas Tagliafico.

It seems as though the Whites may well be in the market for a new left-back, with the Ajax defender tipped for a possible move by Dutch media earlier this summer.

One other option that could be considered by Leeds is Burnley’s Charlie Taylor, who supposedly is a ‘massive’ fan of the club, having grown up in the area – coming through the academy.

And, when weighing up the two, McGilligan has slammed Leeds for potentially overlooking the ‘local lad’ in favour of the more glamorous option of Tagliafico.

Speaking on the One Leeds Fan Channel, he began by saying (44:33): “I’ve been told that Leeds have contacted Ajax via Tagliafico.”

He continued: (43:45): “I think he’s going for a chop price, again, isn’t he? So yeah, probably would work. I just don’t understand why the don’t go for Taylor. I just don’t get it.”

He then added (44:10): “I know Taylor is what 27, 28? But he’s had eight years of Premier League experience. He’s a Leeds fan. He’d be willing to come back and he’s probably going to be the same price as Tagliafico.

“But Tagliafico is Hollywood, isn’t. He’s a Hollywood name. He is not Charlie Taylor, a local lad from Leeds.”

Who would you prefer at Leeds United?

Nicolas Tagliafico

Nicolas Tagliafico

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor

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It’s easy to see why Tagliafico would represent the more ‘Hollywood’ option. Indeed, the defender has vast experience playing for Argentina, and has even played in a Champions League semi-final.

At a reported value of €5m (£4.2m), he could well represent a bit of a bargain in the current market too.

However, Taylor has plenty of Premier League experience – as well as an emotional and professional connection to Leeds United – which seemingly makes him a more favourable option in the eyes of McGilligan.

With all that in mind, it will be interesting to see if the Whites opt to truly chase either option in the summer window – or if they go after someone else completely different.

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