Tottenham Hotspur: Kieran Maguire reveals Spurs are most profitable club in Premier League history 

Image for Tottenham Hotspur: Kieran Maguire reveals Spurs are most profitable club in Premier League history 

Financial expert Kieran Maguire has revealed that Tottenham Hotspur are the most profitable club in Premier League history. 

While Spurs have never won the competition, they have been ever-present since it’s creation back in 1992. And it seems as though they have at least been able to monetise that consistency pretty well.

Indeed, while speaking on the the Last Word On Spurs podcast, Maguire explained that not only are Tottenham the most profitable, but they are by some distance thanks to their ‘master plan’.

The journalist said (09:45): “I’ve got the records that every single club that’s been in the Premier League since 1992. Every single set of accounts and Spurs are not just the most profitable club in the history of the Premier League, but they are the most profitable by a fair distance.

He added (10:10): “Spurs made over 400 million pounds worth of profits. I think in terms of strategy, in my view, they have a master plan.”

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TIF thoughts on Spurs and their finances…

Club chairman Daniel Levy has often been considered pretty frugal when it comes to spending and always looks to get the most for his players when selling, but it seems as though that reputation has at least benefitted the club in some sense.

Spurs fans may not be too worried about that though. Indeed, they will likely prefer to see their team make the most of their impressive finances and spend big this summer as they look to impress in the Premier League next summer.

Of course, majority shareholder ENIC did recently agree to a £150 million capital increase which could allow them to go out and strengthen the squad even more this summer.

So, taking everything into account, the club’s finances seem to be pretty healthy – now they just need to add some silverware to got alongside it all.

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