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Newcastle United: Fans slam Eddie Howe’s latest comments

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A whole host of Newcastle United fans are furious on Twitter with Eddie Howe’s comments.

Howe decided that their FA Cup clash against Cambridge United was an important fixture to win so decided to field an extremely strong team, but it was not enough to get past the League One outfit.

Will Howe keep Newcastle up?





According to Ciaran Kelly, a lot of Newcastle players headed straight for the tunnel after the defeat instead of applauding the fans and this may be down to a larger problem in terms of attitudes, but according to Howe, that’s not the case with the manager claiming ‘the attitude was good from the players‘.

A lot of Newcastle fans are fuming on Twitter with Howe’s comments.

What have these Newcastle fans been saying?

“Now this is a HUGE issue…”


“That’s concerning”


“Now this is a worrying quote. My word”


“Do NOT go down this road Eddie. We hate being lied to.”


“He wont last the season Bruce in disguise”


“Im sorry he’s wrong there. They were hopeless. No fight at all. Should be embarrassed every single one of them.”


It appears clear from these Newcastle fans that they don’t want Howe to be coming out and saying stuff they claim to be lies and would much rather he was honest about the display from a team that were embarrassed in front of 51,000 fans.

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