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Leeds United: Fans flock to news surrounding upcoming TV changes

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Leeds United fans have been reacting to news that has come out regarding a number of their upcoming games in the Premier League.

Leeds United’s schedule has gone through a few changes in recent weeks, mainly down to health issues meaning that their last game was back on 18th December.

And whilst it looks as if their next game against Burnley is set to go ahead barring any last-minute surprises, there are set to be a few more changes to their schedule in the coming months, although this time at least, they have been given a bit more warning about it than their recent games.

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It was announced that their games in February against Manchester United has been moved to a day later (20th) and Tottenham Hotspur have been moved to a lunchtime kickoff on the 26th for the purposes of being broadcast on TV.

There is also the caveat that if Tottenham Hotspur reach the Carabao Cup final, then that game will be changed once again.

The news was relayed to fans by the club on social media, where there were plenty of fans on hand to voice their frustration about the changes:

“Might as well be a Sunday league this.”
“The absolute worst time for football.”
“Got to the point where if I get 6 weeks notice I consider myself lucky…”
“Not a fan of the 7:30am game on a Saturday morning :(“
“Wow who would have thought it”

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Given the state of their recent fixture list, you could argue that the fans should be happy that the games are even taking place at all. You just have to hope nothing happens to put them in further jeopardy.

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