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Tottenham Hotspur: Many fans slam Tim Sherwood’s comments on Antonio Conte

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A whole host of Tottenham Hotspur fans on Twitter have blasted Tim Sherwood’s comments about Antonio Conte.

Sherwood was handed the reins as Tottenham Hotspur manager back in 2013 before being sacked and replaced by Mauricio Pochettino in 2014, though he did have his moments – as he was the manager that saw Harry Kane score his first Premier League goal for Spurs.

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Now though, Sherwood is often found as a pundit and he has labelled Conte’s decision to ban tomato ketchup from the club ‘total nonsense’ when speaking on Optus Sport, and in reaction to these comments, a lot of fans are fully on board with Conte’s decision to ban the condiment.

A lot of Tottenham fans on Twitter have slammed Sherwood’s comments.

What have these Spurs fans been saying?

“Tim sherwood is a load of nonsense”


“If Sherwood thinks it’s nonsense it means it’s brilliance”


“Antonio Conte doesn’t know what a Tim Sherwood is”


“Going to trust a serial winner over a man who could easily win an award for being one of our worst managers”


“No one’s opinion is invalid but when it’s Tim Sherwood talking about Conte, it is incredibly invalid.”


“Means it’s a good idea if sherwood is saying it’s nonsense”


There is no doubt from these Tottenham fans that they will be backing Conte’s decision to ban ketchup from the club over what Sherwood has to say on the matter, as one is their current boss and the other has not been in management since being sacked by Aston Villa in 2015.

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