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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans erupt after latest Conte content from Spurs

Image for Tottenham Hotspur: Fans erupt after latest Conte content from Spurs

One of the best things when your club appoints a new gaffer is the content on social media you can immerse yourself in. That’s certainly been the case for Spurs fans after Antonio Conte’s appointment.

After tweeting a video of Conte meeting the players, Spurs fans were gushing with their love and support of Conte and the content produced by the media team.

It’s the easiest PR in the world for Tottenham, with the media team feasting on the capabilities a new manager brings. Providing it’s an exciting appointment (as this one is) then it’s straight forward to build up support and a good image in the social world for the club.

How did the Spurs fans react to the Conte video?

“This is just wholesome content and I’m all here for it.” @SeanDavies93

“Oh come on admin, you can give us a longer video!!!” @eddiegomez83

“You are milking it so much now but we love it!” @Niallcole11

“Keep this content coming.” @Jack_Fresco02

“There is no hiding now” @martinfjeld

“This is our boss.” @today_miracle_

“OMG wholesome.” @xellavivian

“Admin I’m in love” @Spurslad

“Still can’t believe this is real and he’s already managed 2 games” @Tanguy_NdomPele

Spurs fans are clearly in love with Conte and we’re sure it’ll remain that way if he can replicate any of his success at Chelsea or Inter Milan.

The Italian has just over a month to decide on which players he likes the look of and sees the potential in. The rest will be on the chopping block as he looks to form a team capable of playing his style of football. After a poor start to the season, the new manager will be hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

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