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Newcastle United: Fans slam Craig Hope over Brighton tweet

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Newcastle United’s 1-1 draw at Brighton meant they remain winless after the opening 11 games of the season, only off bottom spot by goal difference.

Graeme Jones has added two points to the Newcastle tally since taking over interim charge. Some believe that taking the decision to change management and part ways with Steve Bruce was the reason for picking up a couple more points.

Journalist Craig Hope certainly shares that view, and he tweeted it to his followers after the game. While he had some agreement, it wasn’t all in his favour.

It’s safe to say many Newcastle fans disagreed with him, criticising him for blaming Bruce and pointing out why they feel he’s incorrect.

How Newcastle fans reacted to the tweet

“You clearly just have an agenda against Bruce, those showings from Jones were no better than what Bruce would have produced. We were right to move Steve Bruce on but wrong to leave in Jones’ hands for so long.” @BeautifulMess99

“Bruce would have won one or both of them.” @Bravey23

“Craig, I just can’t see any manager getting the best out of that squad. They’re horrendous. Championship level at best playing against quality Premier League level players week in week out. No ambition, no fight, no nothing from that starting 11. Same thing every week… Relegation ahead.” @Cal95Nufc

“Wow! I actually think they should have a massive clearance and Jones should be first to go.” @leewelliott

“Still coming back to Bruce I see.” @JustBrowsingTa

“This is us with a fully fit squad too which is worrying. Need a miracle.” @JoeD_Nufc

It appears that the fanbase is somewhat split on the view, but judging by those replies to Craig Hope’s tweet; many do disagree with him, feeling an actual manager could have secured more than the two points.

Whether or not Steve Bruce would have done that, or if it would have had to have been the new incoming manager, we’ll never know. It all ifs buts and maybes, one thing we can all agree on is a proper manager is needed as soon as possible.

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