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Man Utd: Duncan Castles slams Phil Lynch and the Glazer family

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Duncan Castles has called Manchester United’s social media employee, Phil Lynch, a ‘villain’ in his latest Transfer Window Podcast. 

Working in PR and media is often an unforgiving job, especially at huge organisations. One of the toughest places to be right now would be Manchester United. Phil Lynch, their Chief Executive Officer for Media has a huge job on currently.

With the constant #GlazerOut protests, and the circus on the field under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, keeping Man United’s image positive will be difficult, especially when the majority of players are attacked too.

Duncan Castles didn’t hold back when going for Lynch, telling the Transfer Window Podcast: “Phil Lynch, Chief Executive Officer Media at Manchester United as he describes himself on his LinkedIn profile, you did a little podcast recently explaining how he manages the social media of Manchester United players for the profit of the club and to supposedly benefit the players, talked about how they constantly monitor the reputation of the players and the response that they’re receiving from supporters and advise them and prepare them with material to counter all that. Just go and listen to what he has to say about it, and you see why he deserves to be a villain and why he fits so well into that Glazer organisation at Manchester United Football Club.”

It’s been a well-known fact for a while that almost every footballer has a social media team running their accounts, very few do it themselves.

That has caused frustration for United fans of late, with messages feeling empty on social media after embarrassing defeats. Rather than a PR stunt, the players need to talk from the heart to engage with the fans, letting them know how much they’re hurting too rather than a ‘we go again’ from a social media employee.

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