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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans furious as NFL post emerges

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A lot of Hotspur fans have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations with the club following their announcement. 

On Friday, the club revealed their partnership with Madden 22 ahead of this weekend’s NFL London Games at the Hotspur Stadium.

Are you a fan of the partnership with the NFL?





The club revealed the partnership with the Lilywhite’s home and third kit being introduced to Madden 22’s ‘The Yard’ game mode.

Spurs fans flocked to the post from the club’s official Twitter account as they vented their fury with the club now intertwined with the NFL across a number of means.

What did these fans have to say?

“I forgot we’re a football club”

“There used to be a football club over there…”
“I officially no longer support this club.”
“This is hideous”
“Levy selling us out again, only cares about the non football elements of the club. Also me…”
“Embarrassing. We’re becoming less and less of a club and more of a business”

The Hotspur Stadium will host two NFL games this month with the first being this Sunday as the New York Jets face the Falcons.

Despite the club having a contract with the NFL to help fund the construction of their stadium, it is apparent these fans were far from impressed by the partnership with the NFL.

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  • Tony Borg says:

    All Levy cares about is money, as long as he’s making money he doesn’t care about anything else, especially the squad. He will spend as little as possible just enough to keep the fickle fans quiet. The true fans see straight through him. Time for Lewis and Levy to pack their bags.

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