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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans furious as Dusan Vlahovic claim emerges

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A lot of Tottenham Hotspur fans have flocked to Twitter following the comments to emerge from their director of football Paratici. 

Speaking at the Festival dello Sport, the Italian spoke about Tottenham’s stance regarding certain players, with one of those being Fiorentina’s Dusan Vlahovic.

Who would you prefer at Spurs?

Harry Kane

Harry Kane

Dusan Vlahovic

Dusan Vlahovic

It has been revealed the Serbian striker is not expected to renew his deal with the Serie A side, with numerous ‘improved offers’ all rejected by the 21-year-old.

Speaking about a potential move for the striker, Paratici said: “The profile of the Serbian is liked by many, but for now it is not part of Tottenham’s plans.”

Tottenham fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on the 49-year-old’s comments with their disappointment evident to see.

What did these Spurs fans have to say?

“This makes me sad.”

“Too ambitious for levy, he won’t have that it’ll affect his and Lewis’ profit”
“Just proof they thought Kane was going in the summer. They were so interested in signing him over the summer, now they want nothing to do with a striker that could start in his place.”
“To dare is too dear.”
“Their u go! Straight & true!! Not interested. Paratici obviously knows something we don’t!!”
“We are finished”

The Lilywhites were previously linked with the Serbian striker over the course of the summer, with the future of Harry Kane up in the air at the time.

With Kane yet to get off the mark in the Premier League this season, it is apparent this is not what the fans wanted to hear regarding a potential move for Vlahovic.

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  • Tony Borg says:

    Do not trust a word that comes out of the mouths of Paratici and especially Daniel Levy, all summer we’ve been after a striker as everyone thought Harry Kane was leaving, we were also told whether Kane stays or goes we are signing a second striker, either Vlahovic or Martinez, since then it has been made aware that Martinez is going to sign a new contract at Milan, now Paratici has informed the press that Vlahovic isn’t in our plans either, what else other than the money would make Paratici say that. It proves that Lewis and Levy will not invest the money needed for us to assemble a squad good enough to challenge for honours, this is exactly why we’re no where near winning anything and haven’t for over 13 years, just a league cup in over the 20 years ENIC and Daniel Levy have been in control. If anyone else in the club had been as unsuccessful as Daniel Levy has been, they would have been sacked years ago. The fans have to force Lewis and Levy out, or nothing will change.

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