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Tottenham: Spurs fans react to Simon Jordan’s comments on talkSPORT

Image for Tottenham: Spurs fans react to Simon Jordan’s comments on talkSPORT

Many Tottenham Hotspur fans have reacted to Simon Jordan’s comments on talkSPORT about the club’s fall from grace since Mauricio Pochettino’s departure.

The former Crystal Palace owner talked about how the Lilywhites missed their window of opportunity to build on from their progress under Pochettino, and that their lack of investment over the past couple of years in particular has held them back.

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How many points did Tottenham gain in the following seasons? First up: 2020/21

He added that the level of success that Spurs enjoyed under Pochettino created heightened expectations about what the north side could achieve, and that has now seen them field a team nowhere near those standards.

And after hearing Jordan’s comments, Spurs fans took to to voice their thoughts.

What did Spurs fans make of Simon Jordan’s comments on talkSPORT?

“Totally agree with everything said. So would that then be the time to sell up and see if new could take the club on the pitch in a new direction with more player investment so the squad matches infrastructure.”


“This. Saying it exactly how it is. Now has to deal with the conference matches to half filled stadiums knowing we’re nowhere near top 4”


“Thanks @Sjopinion10…. there’s not many in the media who tackle the issues with Levy and Enic in any type of thorough way without resorting to sensationalist that tend to focus on and Nuno and Poch etc. More mainstream outlets need to get on board”


“Brilliant again from Simon Jordan.”


“Yet again Jordan bang on.”




Given the kind of inauspicious start Nuno has made to life at Tottenham, it’s no surprise that Spurs fans wholeheartedly agree with what Jordan has had to say about the club.

Since made that decision not to back Pochettino in the aftermath of that Champions final defeat, the writing was basically on the wall for Spurs, and that’s been shown clearly.

Whether Nuno is the man to bring back the good times remains to be seen, and the early signs doesn’t suggest he will be. What Spurs would do to turn back the clocks and give Pochettino the tools he needed to work with a few years ago.

In other news, Spurs fans have urged Nuno to make this call…

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