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Newcastle United: Liam Kennedy discusses photo of Richard Masters and Daniel Levy

Image for Newcastle United: Liam Kennedy discusses photo of Richard Masters and Daniel Levy

Newcastle United journalist Liam Kennedy has given his view over an image that emerged of Premier League chief executive Richard Masters and Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy.

Masters and Levy were spotted by Newcastle United fan account @NUFC360 during this weekend’s game between Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa.

The league’s CEO has been in the minds of Newcastle United fans recently amid the club’s takeover saga, which appears to be heading for a conclusion.

Reports emerged last year suggesting that Tottenham Hotspur were one of a number of clubs that were not in favour of the proposed takeover going through.

This led to a number of angry Newcastle United supporters who didn’t take kindly to the picture, with fanzine and podcast True Faith stating: “Less than a week after the CAT hearing, presentationally this looks dreadful given Spurs were widely considered to be amongst clubs lobbying against the #NUFCTakeover.”

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Prior to the latest takeover developments, Kennedy discussed the image on a recent edition of NUFC Matters, but he didn’t seem to read too much into the image, hinting that the timing of the two being pictured might have just been a coincidence:

“I’ll be honest, I took it the total other way. It was Premier League chief executive sits next to Premier League football chief executive. I didn’t really read anything into it, I didn’t think it was of any concern either. But I can see why people thought that.”

TIF Thoughts on Liam Kennedy’s comments about Richard Masters and Daniel Levy…

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As Kennedy says, this could very well just be a case of fans reading too much into something that could very well be a coincidence, although you can at the same time understand why Newcastle fans might be looking for something.

Given how desperate they appear to be for the takeover to happen, anything that might potentially help them in their case against the Premier League would act as a bonus for them, so they could just be clutching at straws over the whole thing.

This just acts as another reason that hopefully the takeover situation will be resolved quickly, so that Newcastle United fans can get back to focusing on the team rather than what is happening to the club off the pitch.

And with the takeover looking all but confirmed, perhaps fans can finally put their anxieties over whether the club will be entering a post-Mike Ashley era.

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