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Newcastle United: Fans react to Steve Bruce’s comments to the media

Image for Newcastle United: Fans react to Steve Bruce’s comments to the media

Newcastle United fans have been reacting to comments made by Steve Bruce ahead of this weekend’s game.

This week has certainly been a strange one for the Newcastle United boss, with reports suggesting that he was on the verge of being sacked and that he could have been replaced prior to this weekend’s game at home to Tottenham Hotspur.

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And those reports about his future have clearly got to him, as he tore into the media during his press conference, saying: “I hope you guys are getting a slap now from your bosses to say that you haven’t done your job. Whoever your source was, whoever it was that’s feeding you, didn’t get it right, so I hope you’re feeling a bit of heat.”

The footage was relayed to fans by @NUFC360 for them to react to, where they seemed to take umbrage with his attitude towards the media:

“This is completely ruining everything. Cannot believe he is in the dugout on Sunday.”

“He just can’t accept the grace he’s been given. He has to make things worse.”
“Just what we need in the build up to the game, keep it classy Steve”
“Graceless to the end.”
“This bloke’s attitude every week is a disgrace!!”
“Steve, you haven’t a shred of dignity left pal. None.”

Will Steve Bruce still be Newcastle manager by the end of October?





Whilst he might not be sacked by this weekend, it certainly seems as if he will be gone soon, so fans probably won’t have to deal with his comments for too much longer.

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