How Man Utd Bounce Back from 5-0 Liverpool Thrashing

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Shockwaves were sent around Old Trafford and the Premier League at large on Oct 24th as Liverpool slammed home five goals without reply within just 50 minutes in the red half of Manchester. The result sent media pundits into a frenzy as everyone tried to understand how a squad so packed with talent had been reduced to such a shambles.

Ex-players like Paul Scholes and Gary Neville had been warning that such an outcome was on the cards after shaky performances both domestically and in Europe, but no one could have predicted quite such a dramatic fall from grace. Here we take a look how Man Utd could bounce back from such a damaging setback.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær Could Go

There is recent precedent in the Premier League for an inexperienced former player-turned-manager being successfully usurped by a more seasoned gaffer. That precedent was of course Chelsea legend Frank Lampard being swapped out for Thomas Tuchel, with the latter going on to immediately deliver the Champions League title, despite few odds makers or online tipsters believing it was possible. Tuchel benefitted from taking over a squad that was jam packed with talent and found ways to tap into that potential as quickly as possible. Certainly, a manager of his sort of standing could have a similar effect at Old Trafford where the squad is packed with an embarrassment of riches that Solskjær appears unable to harness correctly. Online betting tipsters and football writers will point towards names like Antonio Conte and Ernesto Valverde as potential suitors for the Man Utd top job. They are men who would certainly organise the squad better than the role’s current incumbent.

Hit the Training Ground Harder

As some pundits were quick to point out in the game’s aftermath, Man Utd’s defensive stats have been some of the worst in the league for a while now, as a team that was once known for asserting itself on the opposition has begun to rest on its laurels and rely on the individual skills of men like Cristiano Ronaldo. Perhaps what Utd’s prima donnas really need is a dose of training ground beastings, to bring back their taste for what its like to grind out a hard-fought victory or two. Ex-players turned coaches such as Michael Carrick perhaps also need to start acting like bosses rather than being chums with their charges; making them aware that all their positions at Old Trafford will be up for review if attitudes both on and off the pitch do not begin to improve.

Drop Ronaldo for Good

It can be argued that since Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the club Man Utd have gone backwards in terms or performances and results, as previously pivotal players like Edinson Cavani and Markus Rashford have been side-lined to make way for a man who too often sees himself as being bigger than the team. Indeed, it was precisely for this reason that the Portuguese was jettisoned from Juventus, and unfortunately it would appear that Solskjær has no idea how to harness one of the biggest egos in the game. Maybe what the team need most is a little break from Ronaldo mania, so they can better focus on playing as a compact unit instead.

Employ Some Form of Tactical Plan

At the moment it is difficult to see how exactly Solskjær is setting his team up to play, as the front four or five players abandon their defensive duties in favour of marauding forward and leaving huge gaps for the opposition to exploit. Against more accomplished teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man City it is vital that Utd are sent out onto the pitch with a clearly defined plan of how it is they wish to play, as well as having a plan B and C if and when a change of approach is needed.

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