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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans slate Sergio Reguilon’s performance after Arsenal defeat

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Hotspur fans on Twitter have been sharing their criticism for Spurs left-back Sergio Reguilon and his latest performance for the north London club during their recent 3-1 defeat against Arsenal. 

A second-half strike from Heung-min Son wasn’t enough to secure a result for Nuno Espirito Santo’s side after goals from Emile Rowe, Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang and Bukayo Saka put the home side ahead in the first half.

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During the match, it was Reguilon’s performance, in particular, that a significant number of supporters were not happy with, as many of them took to Twitter to share just exactly what they thought of it.

So, what did these Spurs fans have to say about Reguilon’s performance against Arsenal?

Reguilon is shocking doesn’t defend anything #THFC


“Reguilon getting torn apart”


“I think we were sold a dud in Reguilon, I really thought he’d be a great signing”


“Reguilon gets a free run because he’s got pace. Awful full-back.”


Reguilon is so bang average. Overrated by so many. Can’t defend, can’t cross. Literally can run fast and that’s about it. #THFC


Sergio Reguilón is such a poor footballer. We’ve been conned by Real. Zero ability to read the game. #thfc


Looking at this group of tweets from these Spurs fans, it seems that they were not happy with Reguilon and his performance in the defeat against Arsenal, even though he managed to assist Son’s consolation goal.

Do you think Reguilon should be dropped?





Given how gave the Spaniard a rather disappointing match rating of 4/10, saying that he was “poor for much of the first half”, it’s easy to see why these were not very complimentary about his display on this occasion.

Moving forward, with Spurs set to take on Aston Villa in their next match, Reguilon will have to up his game so he doesn’t deliver another poor performance in a shirt and potentially risk ending up on the receiving end of even more criticism or being taken out of the team.

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  • Tony Borg says:

    It’s nothing to do with Reguilon, he’s a fantastic wingback and that’s how you need to use him, it’s all about the tactics our manager plays, Nuno hasn’t got a clue. Dele and Ndombele needs to go, they’re both too lazy, Dier and Sanchez were the biggest problem we had last season and Nuno pairs them for this game and left Romero on the bench. Someone signs Emerson after we were after Tomiyasu all summer and we end up paying more than we could have signed Tomiyasu for who a better player. This club is rotten to the core from top to bottom. We have an owner who’s a billionaire that doesn’t invest cash into the club, we have a chairman who won’t invest in the team, we have a manager who is out of his depth and we have players who stroll round an don’t care. We need to start the clear out from top to bottom, Lewis and Levy have to go first, it’s time the fans protested and left empty seats in the stadium, that is the only way we’ll get Levy’s attention, if they start losing money they’ll sell. Lewis and Levy OUT !!

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