Tottenham Hotspur: Alasdair Gold discusses the Romero and Lo Celso situation

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Speaking on the Gold and Guest talk Tottenham podcast, Alasdair Gold provided his knowledge and thoughts on the situation surrounding and Cristian Romero on international duty with Argentina.

It was a crazy night for both Romero and Lo Celso on Sunday, as their international match against Brazil halted eight minutes after kick-off as Brazilian health officials stormed onto the pitch to escort Romero, Lo Celso, and Emiliano Martinez off the pitch, with the four of them accused of failing to disclose where they had been before arriving into the country.

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The match was ultimately called off and now the quartet are set to fly to Croatia to complete a period of quarantine there, instead of in a government hotel in the UK, as is a green-list country, which would allow them to train and stay fit before linking back up with their respective sides.

Gold gave his insight and thoughts on the whole situation.

“There’s two more international breaks coming up – we’re talking about October and November. This situation may not right itself by then.

“So in essence, as it stands right now, if you don’t go now, you’re likely not to play a part in the majority of the World Cup qualifiers for your country, hence not be in the World Cup squad.

“Also, on top of that, we know what South American football’s like – the fervour, the incredible passion they have – if you don’t want to play for their squad, God knows what could happen to you, and we’ve seen some horrific things as well happen with some South American countries over football.

“I’m not going to delve into it, but there’s a past there.

“So Lo Celso and Romero both wanted to go. What I’m told is that certain players weren’t too keen on going but felt they had to. There’s a lot of pressure I’d imagine for the national football associations of those countries as well.”

TIF Thoughts on the situation surrounding Spurs’ South American players…

It appeared to be quite clear that the Premier League clubs were all in agreement that they would not be releasing their South American players for international duty, but following Aston Villa’s announcement to allow Buendia and Martinez to travel, this triggered a domino effect of Romero, Lo Celso and Davinson Sanchez wishing to follow them against Tottenham’s wishes.

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This has ultimately led to them about to be fined by the club upon their return, despite Gold claiming that some of the players were not keen on travelling to South America. Nevertheless, the players went to South America regardless, and who it has affected the most is and Santo.

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