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Newcastle United: Simon Jordan discusses CAT case in relation to takeover bid

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TalkSport pundit Simon Jordan has given his view on the current Newcastle United takeover and their Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) case.

The purpose of the CAT case, as described by journalist Liam Kennedy in Newcastle World, is to “help push through the potential buyout of Newcastle United by the PCP Consortium, made up of PCP Capital Partners, the Reuben Brothers and the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. It is also being used as a tool to secure compensation from the Premier League due to the stalled nature of the process to date.”

However, the waiting game for news surrounding the case and the subsequent takeover looks set to carry on, as The Chronicle has suggested: “The only concrete date that did emerge was January 3, 2022 when it was revealed that the second part of Ashley’s two-pronged legal fight would take place and would take ‘just over a week’ to resolve.”

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Speaking about the situation on TalkSport, Jordan, who used to own a Premier League club himself in Crystal Palace, outlined his take on the matter and said that he didn’t think this appeal would ultimately lead to much.

He said: “This idea that Newcastle is going to get bought by this PIF fund, this is deader than a dead thing from Deadland. And it’s only the people that want to keep it running for their own motivations; whether that’s Amanda Staveley, because she wants to save face for the Horlicks of the deal that she’s manufactured, or whether it’s because Newcastle fans because they’re wishing and wanting – and they’re right to wish and want to change ownership.

“I don’t expect this to lead to any particular disclosure. I don’t expect the Premier League to be giving anything that vaguely resembles something that can be made mischief of, that suggests that ‘XYZ Football Club has leveraged Richard Masters into having a biased attitude towards a potential new fox in the henhouse of the big six that control the Premier League’.

“That’s what they’re looking for. They’re looking for something that they can build on for their arbitration to discredit the position of the Premier League.”

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It certainly doesn’t look all that promising in terms of a positive outcome for Newcastle fans and the takeover of the club that would get them away from the rule of Ashley that has cast a shadow over the club over the past decade or so.

And whilst Jordan might not think the deal will happen because of what he thinks will or won’t be revealed from the matter, the timescale that it would take to get the deal done could also play a factor.

It was reported last summer when the deal was called off initially that a lack of patience played a part in PIF’s decision to withdraw their offer, and if these delays keep occurring, then it might just put them off pursuing the deal for much longer.

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