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Newcastle United: Journalist discusses current fan mood

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Newcastle United journalist Liam Kennedy has been sharing his thoughts on the current fan mood surrounding the Tyneside club. 

This comes after Kennedy made an appearance on a recent episode of NUFC Matters on Steve Wraith’s channel, where he spoke about a number of subjects concerning the Magpies.

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On the subject of what the current mood is at the club among the fanbase amidst recent protests and signs of displeasure at St. James’ Park during their recent Premier match against Leeds United, Kennedy had this to say on the matter.

He said: “I’m not really seeing the anger towards Mike Ashley and I’m not really seeing any major anger towards Steve Bruce, apart from singing a few songs with the lads. Effectively, it’s not sustained, it’s not vociferous – that’s not a criticism of anybody out there, it’s more a sensing of what the mood is like.

“I just don’t believe we’re at cracking point.

“It will turn. If this continues, it will turn, giving another few home games and we’re still without a win or we’re still really struggling, limping along, then yeah, it will come to that, and I think it will get a little bit more nasty.”

TIF Thoughts on Liam Kennedy’s comments on the current mood at the club…

Given how there have been previous examples of protests from about Bruce and the ownership of the clubs, it’s not really surprising that there are still some forms of it going on at the club.

Do you think the Newcastle are right to protest against Bruce and Ashley?





Taking into account how Newcastle have not yet managed to win a game in the Premier so far this season, it’s easy to see why some may not be too pleased with what has been happening on the pitch in recent weeks.

Moving forward, as Kennedy mentioned, the best way the mood at the club within its fanbase can be improved is if Bruce and the players can start delivering some positive results as soon as possible to keep the club away from potentially being involved in a battle as the campaign progresses.

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