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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans fume as Harry Kane claim emerges

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A lot of Tottenham Hotspur fans have been venting their rage on Twitter at the latest claim to emerge in Harry Kane’s transfer saga. 

It has been reported by Alasdair Gold that Kane did not turn up to Hotspur Way this morning for his various virus tests required to re-join the Tottenham squad for pre-season training.

Should Spurs sell Kane this summer?





The England captain was expected to report back to the north London side on Monday following his delayed holiday as a result of reaching the final of this summer’s European Championship.

The development comes amid the striker’s transfer saga, with him believed to be wanting a move to Manchester City this summer.

Spurs fans flocked to the tweet from Alasdair Gold to share their disappointment in their star striker following his no-show at the club’s training ground.

What exactly did these Spurs fans have to say?

“This is incredibly disappointing. If this is true, and Kane has chosen to force a move by refusing to train, I will have lost all respect for him.”

“Very out of character. If true not sure this is the best way to negotiate with Levy.”
“This is mad disrespectful uno”
“This doesn’t look good”
“A total disgrace if true, most Spurs fans would understand why he wanted to leave, but this way, unprofessional”
“This is massively worrying!”
“Pls I didnt expect this from him”
“Wow. Just wow.”

It has been reported City have already submitted a bid worth £100m, however, it was believed Daniel Levy was looking for a bid worth in the region of £150m for his prized asset.

Despite playing 336 games and scoring 221 goals for Tottenham, Kane’s latest actions have not gone down well with these Spurs fans, who have been left furious with their striker.

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