Derby County: Football finance expert drops Rams EFL claim


Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has suggested that it feels like Derby County are ‘moving towards the endgame’ of their battle with the EFL, during a recent edition of The Ramswriter Podcast. 

Maguire’s claim comes following the news that EFL decided against an appeal against the punishment inflicted on the Rams by an independent disciplinary commission.

Derby have been locked in a battle with the EFL over amortisation issues.

In May, it was reported by Ryan Conway that the EFL had ‘won its appeal to find Derby County in breach of financial fair play rules.’

Due to this, it meant that Derby still faced potential relegation, despite finishing the season and surviving by a point above Sheffield Wednesday.

However, an announcement recently from the EFL stated that Derby will not be facing the sanction of relegation and were instead ordered to pay £100,000, and Maguire has suggested that it is a ‘relief’ for everyone, as Derby’s troubles with the EFL look to be coming to an end.

He said: “It’s a bit like, for those of you that can remember the Nightmare on Elm Street films that, you always felt that Freddy Krueger had just been killed, and then mysteriously, he comes back from the dead – and that appears to be the approach taken by Rick Parry and the EFL that when Derby County think that ‘oh, well, we’ve now got a settlement, it broadly seems to be in our favour’, something else crops up.”

“I think we’re moving towards the endgame of all this, which will just be a relief for everybody. We can get back to calling the referee rude names and wondering why we spent all that money on a left-back.”

TIF Thoughts on Derby County’s issues…

Wayne Rooney’s Derby County will be hoping that this means that they can now focus on the future of the football club, as rumours of a proposed takeover of the football club continue.

It was only a couple of years ago that the Rams were one game away from the Premier League. Their poor season last year may have been a shock, but they survived, and avoiding a points deduction is another lucky escape that must be used to their advantage.

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