Celtic: Tom English talks about Postecoglou’s comments

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Journalist Tom English has recently talked about Ange Postecoglou’s comments following Celtic’s 2-1 loss to Midtjylland in the UEFA Champions League qualifying stages.

Following the Hoops’ extra-time defeat, Postecoglou stated that while it is his responsibility that Celtic are out of the Champions League, maybe he didn’t make it clear enough to the higher-ups that the squad needs players. He stated that he’s been as ‘forceful’ as he can and he’s been very ‘consistent’ in stating that the squad needs investment.

Is Postecoglou taking a shot at the 's board?





BBC journalist English appeared on the latest episode of the BBC Sportsound podcast and he spoke about Postecoglou’s latest comments. He stated that the Australian is going along the same lines as Brendan Rodgers, who had also called out the board after being frustrated in the transfer market.

He claimed: “That is a serious message to the people above him and the board. That is a manager calling out his board, who sounds fed up, angry. It’s not the first time he’s done it, not the second time, it’s not even the third time he’s done it.

“He’s had to repeatedly come out with this kind of language – tonight he was stronger than before – to say ‘I need players’. I know Brendan Rodgers went down this road before and Neil Lennon before him, but this is very, very interesting.”

TIF Thoughts on Postecoglou…

In the past, Postecoglou has stated that the Hoops have hesitated in the transfer market, urging them to make quicker decisions. He’s also suggested that the time they’ve taken hasn’t helped the club.

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It shows that this isn’t the first time that he’s urged the to make moves and he’s been very open about the time the club is taking to make transfer decisions.

The fact that he’s protecting his own players by lauding their work rate and shows that perhaps, Postecoglou is good at backing what he has and if he gets more players, he’ll also defend them – even if it means calling out his superiors.

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