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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans react to latest Dele Alli comments

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Tottenham Hotspur fans on Twitter have been responding to the latest comments to emerge from Lilywhites midfielder Dele Alli. 

This comes after Spurs-focused Twitter account @thespursweb shared a post that contained a video of Alli in a recent interview with Goal.

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During the interview, Alli said that he only blames himself for the way his previous season with the north London club panned out and that it was a “great experience” working with former Spurs boss Jose Mourinho.

This post then gathered a number of replies from Tottenham supporters who were not shy in sharing their thoughts on what Alli had to say.

So, what did these Spurs fans have to say in response to these latest comments from Alli?

“Music to my ears. I want 16/17 dele to rise from the ashes under Nuno”


“Big season ahead for him. Hope Nuno can make him a first-team regular again because I want my Dele back”


“Last chance for Dele to show everyone what he can do. That may have been said in previous seasons but I genuinely think it’s his last season to try and solidify himself into the starting XI. I’m excited to see what he brings”


Regardless of whether people think he’ll get back to and go past his form of the past I’ll always have a soft spot for Dele and want to see him do well. He’s most likely staying this season so hopefully he hits pre-season hard and establishes himself again. #COYS


“Good to see him smiling though. We haven’t got the chance to see enough of that from him in recent times. Playing with a smile on his face will definitely produce better results for him.”


“I think he will improve with a good mentality”


Looking at the replies to this post, it seems that these Spurs fans are very welcoming of Alli’s accountability and acknowledgement of how his previous season went and are hopeful that he can improve next time around.

Do you think Alli will have a big season with Spurs this time?





Given how the 25-year-old only managed to earn himself an overall season rating of 6.49/10 for his performances in the Premier League last season, making him one of Tottenham’s lowest-rated players according to WhoScored, it’s easy to see why Alli blames himself for his form last season.

In our view, while it’s good to hear Alli taking responsibility for his relatively poor season, he now will have to back up his words with performances on the pitch moving forward under new Spurs boss Nuno Espirito Santo.

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