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Newcastle United: Liam Kennedy discusses takeover concerns

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journalist Liam Kennedy has been discussing the latest implications of the proposed takeover at the club.

This week will mark the one-year anniversary that ’s proposed takeover attempt by the Saudi Arabian Prince Investment Fund was called off, and fittingly there was yet another spanner thrown into the works of the whole ordeal last week, as the League and the club’s arbitration case was pushed back to early 2022.

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Speaking about the impact of the takeover delay on NUFC Matters, Kennedy expressed his concern that the club might not be able to survive in the League for that long following their scare last season:

“My only concern with the whole takeover thing at present is if we go CAT [Competition Appeal Tribunal] and if it becomes a medium-to-long-term thing.

“If, for example, it says it will take two years to get a decision on that… is this Mike Ashley version of Newcastle United, with Steve Bruce as manager, that flirted with relegation for probably two-thirds of the season from November, December onwards last season, only got out because of a Joe -inspired goalscoring ridiculous form from midfield – is that Newcastle United capable of staying in the League for the next two seasons?

“You’ve got to have question marks about it. So, that will be my biggest concern moving forward – is how long this takes, and if Newcastle United can remain a League club in the meantime.”

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TIF Thoughts on Liam Kennedy’s comments about the Newcastle United takeover…

It certainly does become a major concern after the club flirted with relegation last season before ending up a comfortable 12th thanks to being rescued by loanee Joe Willock as Kennedy points out, that they could get dragged back into it again.

Especially given the claims that Bruce hasn’t been given much to spend, they are perhaps in danger of not being able to really push on, especially if they can’t get back.

And if they aren’t in the League, then there are some claims to suggest that the value of the club would fall dramatically as a result, so it is certainly in Ashley’s best interest to keep the club afloat and competitive in the division for the sake of his money when it comes to the takeover.

Whether or not he will end up doing that over the course of the season, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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