Date: 2nd July 2021 at 12:15pm
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Newcastle United fans have turned to Twitter to give their thoughts after a debate between two journalists about Mike Ashley’s handling of the football  

The Magpies have protested Ashley’s ownership for years and thought they may be getting somewhere with regards to bidding him farewell, when talks of a looked strong, before the Premier League decided to failed to approve the proposals, something that Ashley has decided to take them to court over.

Northern football writer for The , Luke Edwards, tweeted that he feels that Ashley is just using the takeover as a reason to not do anything with Newcastle in the transfer window.

This tweet was then quoted by Sky Sports reporter Pete Graves, who himself gave his views on the situation, saying: ‘I think it’s a stretch to suggest the reason he’s launched legal battles against the PL and employed high-profile legal reps is just so he doesn’t have to buy a new centre mid.’

Newcastle fans responded to Graves’ tweet giving their thoughts…

“I think Ashley will do what he wants regardless, he doesn’t need an excuse, I think we, from the outside, fill in the excuses and reasons why, the guy doesn’t care”

Credit: @PeteClarke85

“Ashley can feed anything to the media and they’ll print it cos he’s . We’ve seen this pattern too many times now, always just as the transfer window is due open the takeover stories start.”

Credit: @Hendy_NE

“No change, Luke stating the obvious. tbh if Ashley started splashing, that would be a story. Leopards, spots, etc”

Credit: @BobbyatPatts

“I’ve never agreed with Luke, but he is right there is no drive in and around the club to get anything done. Not just signings.”

Credit: @FCB1892

“It’s the employers I feel sorry for !”

Credit: @NUFCNath92

“I think he’s saying its another convenient excuse to not do anything in the summer until we’ve got a few weeks to go again”

There are clearly mixed feelings amongst the Newcastle fanbase right now, but what they can agree on is that they are all hoping for a takeover sooner rather than later.

After last year’s failed takeover attempt, Ashley is currently engrossed in a legal battle with the Premier League after he accused them of not acting appropriately in how they dealt with the bid from the Saudi Arabian consortium, but there are clearly some Newcastle fans, who, like Edwards, believe that it is all just one big distraction from Newcastle’s lack of business in the transfer market.