Date: 7th July 2021 at 5:00pm
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fans have been on Twitter reacting to the news surrounding the Owls. 

This comes following a post from the club’s official Twitter page announcing that the club has published its accounts for the year ending 31st July 2020.

The details indicate the club have suffered an operating loss of nearly £24m.

Wednesday fans have been gathering in the comments of the tweet, giving their thoughts on the club’s accounts.

“Let’s hope the EFL don’t decide to keep us under an embargo or dock us points.”

Credit: @LifeisPeachy82

“Thanks Chansiri. For finally paying the players, publishing the accounts. Now let’s all stop this stupid moaning, get behind Moore and the players’ and play the best league one campaign we can create.”

Credit: @BreeseCallum

“Can already tell this isn’t going to be good and I’ve not even opened it”

Credit: @JTSHEEPS35

“That’s bad! Doesn’t even take in the majority of the covid season and it was a loss of 24 mil. Huge reset is already happening but I don’t see how we keep Bannan and Windass need the transfer fees, never mind clearing the .”

Credit: @AndyHeath1867

“Is this real or am I dreaming?”

Credit: @LouisAsher1

“About time! EFL still won’t like them, even if they were published early!”

Credit: @Flood902

Judging by the replies from Wednesday fans, there are mixed reactions, with many thankful that players have been paid their wages and that the accounts have been released whilst also recognising that the losses published are bad news for the club.

It was a difficult season for the Owls last year they were handed a six-point deduction, before Darren Moore’s side were unable to stay in the Championship after drawing with Derby on the final day of the season.

Since their relegation, bad news has surrounded the Owls, with reports of the club not paying player wages and the players considering exercising their right to hand in their notice, but fans of Sheffield Wednesday were handed a boost recently as reports now suggest that the player’s wages are now all paid up to date.