Date: 10th June 2021 at 8:20pm
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Former man has given his verdict on the future of the club’s striker Leigh Griffiths.

Griffiths’ future is unclear at present, with no sign of a extension from Celtic amid a tumultuous campaign. His brother is alleged to have revealed in a now-deleted tweet that the Scotsman is not going to be offered one and will become a free agent.

Provan appeared on the Go Radio Football Show and gave his views about the situation of Griffiths.

Should Celtic consider keeping Griffiths?





The pundit feels that Celtic should offer him a contract based on incentives and they should try to ‘get him into shape’

He stated: “I don’t want to add to Celtic’s troubles but again, you can’t help but contrast the difference between Jermain Defoe still playing at 38 and Leigh Griffiths, who looks as if he’s leaving Celtic at 30. By the way, I would not let Leigh Griffiths go. I don’t think Celtic can afford to let him go.

“If Edouard goes, I don’t think is up to it; Klimala has gone. Why would you let Leigh Griffiths go? I think he let his teammates, his manager down last summer when he turned up overweight and unfit but you have to assume you can get him into shape, offer him some kind of incentivised contract.

“But don’t let a boy who can finish as well as he does walk out of the club when you’re so short of strikers.”

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TIF Thoughts on Griffiths…

Griffiths has had numerous fitness issues over the last few seasons and Neil Lennon had criticised him for turning up in an overweight condition during pre-season.

This shows that the lack of fitness is a clear problem for Griffiths. Having said that, he still managed to score seven goals in all competitions while getting limited game time last season.

So if Celtic can manage to get Griffiths’ fitness back on track, he may still be a useful player for the side.

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