Tottenham Hotspur: Romano reveals Paratici details

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Football journalist Fabrizio Romano has been speaking on the latest edition of his Here We Go podcast to discuss all things transfer related. 

One topic of discussion was the expected arrival of a new at Tottenham Hotspur in the form of Fabio Paratici.

Will Spurs have a new manager in the next week?





The Italian has recently departed Juventus following an 11-year stint with the Serie A giants and is said to be already working on the ongoing search for a new manager at Spurs.

Spurs have been without a manager since April and it has recently been reported that more information will be known in the next week or two.

Discussing the former Juventus man, Romano provided an update on the specific details behind Paratici’s contract with Spurs.

He said: “First of all, let’s say that some new details, Fabio Paratici, he will sign as the new for three years at Tottenham.  

“So the agreement is for three years, he is already working to look at the new manager, he was not directly involved in the [Antonio] Conte situation. He was just arriving while Tottenham were already negotiating with Antonio Conte.”  

TIF Thoughts on Paratici’s expected arrival…

It has already been reported that Paratici is working on Tottenham’s search for a new manager despite not being officially announced as the new yet.

We are extremely interested to see where the Italian will direct Tottenham’s ongoing search – if all goes to plan and he is announced.

Paratici has previously worked with Antonio Conte so it will be interesting to see if that avenue could open up again or whether the Italian will take Spurs to a completely new candidate.

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