Date: 2nd June 2021 at 1:50pm
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has been speaking on the latest edition of the Liverpool Echo’s Royal Blue podcast about potential successors to former Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti after he left Goodison Park and re-joined Real Madrid.

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The move for the Italian to return to Real was completed very quickly, and with the transfer window opening on 9th June, it has left the Toffees in an awkward position.

While discussing potential replacements for Ancelotti, Prentice mentioned former Everton boss and current Belgium manager , who apparently still has within the Everton hierarchy.

He said: “An intriguing one is Roberto Martinez. I wouldn’t relish his return, but there are plenty out there that would. Apparently, he’ told people that he’s looking forward to a successful European Championships, then he wants to get back into club football.

“He still has his admirers at Goodison Park. Does that mean they wait until the end of the European Championships? That’s a real gamble then, or do they try and organise something beforehand and try and tap him up before the tournament is finished?”

Do you think Martinez would be a good appointment?

No, he has had his time

No, he has had his time

Yes, he could be the man we need

Yes, he could be the man we need

TIF Thoughts on Roberto Martinez going back to Everton…

In his spell as manager at Goodison Park, the Toffees achieved finishes of  5th and 11th, before he was sacked with Everton sat in 12th place in 2015/16.

So, after a strong start, things quickly went wrong for Martinez, but he has been Belgium’s manager since August 2016 and has grown, so maybe a return to Goodison Park could be a good thing?

The search for a new manager for the Toffees is going to be fascinating to watch, and you hope they don’t make the wrong appointment after Ancelotti left so abruptly.

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