Date: 10th June 2021 at 6:30pm
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West Brom fans have been reacting to the latest managerial news involving their football club. 

This comes after West Brom reporter for the , Joe Masi, tweeted suggesting that he is hearing from several sources that David Wagner will not be the new manager of West Brom, and Rob Dorsett of Sky Sports also tweeted to announce the deal was off.

West Brom fans were quick to respond to the news and weren’t shy to let their feelings be known…

“What a shambles”

Credit: @DPB1985

“Absolutely farcical”

Source: @Mikey8874

“This is embarrassing”

Source: @Garfies

“The circus show continues”

Source: @Cal102030

“The West Brom soap opera continues!!”

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“Blimey O’Reilly Joe, is it going to be names in a hat???”

Source: @maryTwilson

“Becoming a farce isn’t it Joseph? It’s going to be last man standing. Imagine being a manager wanting to work for Dowling, Ken and Lai. You’d want some pretty massive assurances of your own and then you’d run a mile stating you need to stay to your family.”

Source: @HerbyMcfly

Judging by the responses to the Wagner news, it’s clear West Brom fans are beginning to get ’embarrassed’ by the club’s pursuit of a new manager.

Wagner’s appointment seemed imminent after news broke the other day suggesting that he was now ’s number-one target for the job, after owner Lai Guochuan vetoed the move for Chris Wilder, with worries regarding Wilder’s relationship breakdown with the owners at his former club Sheffield United.

However, the move for the former and Huddersfield manager to join the Baggies now seems to be off with him reportedly set to instead join Swiss side BSC Young Boys.

West Brom’s hunt for a new manager continues.