Date: 17th June 2021 at 12:50pm
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fans have been reacting on Twitter to the latest news and rumours surrounding their football club.

This comes after Wednesday journalist for The Star, Joe Crann, tweeted an article which explains that the Owls agreed to cut Liam ’s short in exchange for early compensation from .

The youngster’s deal with Sheffield Wednesday was due to come to an end on July 1st, but the club agreed to cut that short so that Shaw could join up with the and be ready for pre-season with Celtic’s season starting early with a League qualifier to play.

Crann’s report states that the club are set to receive £300,000 as part of the agreement which saw Shaw join Celtic earlier this week, and it seems that whereas some fans of the cash-strapped side were far from impressed, others believe it was a pretty shrewd move:

“Shows how desperate we are. Will 300k really make much of a difference?”

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“He wanted £3k a week, we should have given it to him. A big loss to the club.”

Credit: @DPaggiossi

“Interesting. Didn’t know they were able to do this. Smart move for both clubs and the player. We move on”

Credit: @MattSummerhill

“So we get paid, and don’t a player during the period he’s not playing…dare I say it, but was that sensible business from Wednesday?”

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“If true, it’s the cleverest financial move DC has made in years at the club.”

Credit: @NJBanbury

“Very happy with that”

Credit: @JonnyHardy7

“Good move by the club that, especially given the cash flow issues, making the most of the (self-afflicted) bad situation.”

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Judging by the responses to the tweet, many are pleasantly surprised by what seems like a good bit of business.

Shaw, a 20-year-old midfielder, who can also play centre-back, played 19 games for the Owls this season, receiving a WhoScored rating of 6.34 for his performances in the Championship.

Only time will tell as to whether the fans will regret this move or continue to look back on it with fondness.