Date: 6th May 2021 at 12:30pm
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Journalist Liam Kennedy has been speaking on the latest edition of the NUFC Matters podcast to discuss all things Newcastle United related following their defeat to Arsenal on Sunday. 

One topic of discussion was the ongoing proposed takeover saga and the arbitration expected to take place over the reported issues with the Owners and Directors test by the League.

Do you want Masters to be sacked?

Yes, he is horrendous

Yes, he is horrendous

No, if he passes the takeover

No, if he passes the takeover

Chief Executive of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has played a prominent role in Newcastle’s takeover saga and Kennedy was keen to comment on the questions being asked of him.

According to reports, there are questions being asked of Masters amid the fury surrounding the proposed Super League and his relationship with the six Premier League clubs involved.

Kennedy slammed Masters and had the following to say when questioned on him potentially being removed from his position as a result of the Super League controversy.

He said: “You can’t take it off the table. There is a lot of people not very happy with the people involved in this, there’s a lot of people not very happy with the Premier League executives. (13:24)

“They want to know how much did you know about this process? How much did you know about Project Big Picture? And from a Newcastle United and boardroom [point of view], how much did you really know about the things that were going on in the Newcastle United takeover? Are you as naïve as you seem to suggest in the media? Are all of these things bubbling away right under your nose and you’ve got no clue at all about them? You’ve got no say in them?  

“I just don’t believe it. I think there’s a lot of Premier League executives and ownerships [who] don’t believe it either.”

TIF Thoughts on Kennedy’s comments…

It is pretty clear the frustration Kennedy has towards Masters and from what he has to say it would seem his frustration is matched by some people high up in the Premier League and various Premier League clubs.

Masters was the public figure of the Premier League’s evaluation of the proposed Newcastle takeover and it may please a lot of Newcastle fans to hear the criticism he is now facing from elsewhere, according to Kennedy.

With the Newcastle takeover still bubbling away in the background, it will be interesting to see where Masters’ future lies.

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