Date: 7th May 2021 at 4:30pm
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Alasdair Gold has been speaking on the latest edition of his YouTube show about all things relating to .

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Spurs have had quite a few odd players over the last ten years, but can you remember them? Here is the first one, who is this former Tottenham man?

One of the topics that he spent a lot of time on was Tottenham’s managerial situation, and one of the names who has been linked with the job is Massimiliano Allegri.

The former Juventus boss has been out of work since June 2019, but he did a brilliant job with Juventus leading them to 11 trophies and also the Champions League final twice.

However, Gold thinks that Allegri’s lack of English could count against him when compared with other candidates.

He said: “Allegri is still bouncing about obviously, while he’s a free agent, I think he’s always going to be one attractive prospect for Tottenham if they can’t get a person that fits their profile exactly.

“As I said previously, the issue with him probably is the lack of English.”

“Spurs have had issues in the past with managers that didn’t speak English, and it just became an absolute pain. So I can see that counting against him.”

Would you want Spurs to get Allegri?

Yes, he could be the man we need

Yes, he could be the man we need

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TIF Thoughts on Tottenham and Allegri…

Allegri has never managed in England, but he is still considered one of the world’s best managers, so you would think that Tottenham should be trying to bring him in.

However, Gold suggests that because he can’t speak English, that could go against him.

This seems strange given that Marcelo Bielsa uses a translator and Mauricio Pochettino did for a bit while he was at Southampton, and both Bielsa and Pochettino transformed their respective clubs.

You would also think that if Spurs gave Allegri the job, he would spend time learning English, so if this is the only reason why Tottenham don’t want Allegri, then we are baffled.

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