Date: 14th May 2021 at 10:40am
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fans on Twitter have been responding to the latest comments made by League chief executive Richard Masters. 

This comes after Sky Sports journalist Bryan Swanson shared a post on his official Twitter page that contained a video of Masters speaking during a recent interview.

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In the clip shared by Swanson on Twitter, Masters said that there’s nothing he can say about the proposed Saudi takeover of the Tyneside club or any talks surrounding the situation.

This post then quickly grabbed the attention of a lot of Toon supporters who were not shy in airing their thoughts on Masters and his latest comments.

So, what did these have to say in response to this footage of Masters?

So Masters is still calling it “the takeover”(in present text). Just as Staveley alluded to yesterday that NDA’s are still in play hence the no comments. Is there some kind of softening? Has this takeover ever been anything but live!?! It’s time to accept it EPL!#NUFCTakeover


“This guy is on the rocks”


“This guy looks defeated already, he won’t comment as he knows him and Hoffman are in trouble, the both of them listened to the “Top 6″ who then stabbed them in the back with the ESL and the other 14 will demand their resignations when the truth comes out.”


“He said absolutely nothing as per usual. Just a massive way of saying no comment.”


“The face says it all….I think he wanted us relegated so he don’t get asked questions on the takeover”


“This is the look of a man with a busted flush on his hands. He looks broken. #NUFC”


Translation: “I’m fuming they are still in the premier league, i was hoping they would be relegated and this would not longer be my problem” #nufc #NUFCTakeover


The pain on his face whenever someone mentions @NUFC to him” 


Looking at the replies to this post, it seems that these Toon fans don’t like Masters very much and aren’t particularly surprised by his silence on the club or the takeover.

Do you blame Masters for the takeover collapse?





Given how the proposed £300 million takeover of the Tyneside club collapsed as a result of the prospective new owners running out of patience over the scrutiny and time it took the deal to go through the Premier League’s owners’ and directors’ test, spearheaded by Masters, it’s understandable why these fans are on his case.

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