Date: 5th May 2021 at 6:00pm
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Broadcaster and Crystal Palace fan has been speaking about the style of play that the team plays amidst talk of a new manager coming in.

With Roy Hodgson’s contract at the club coming to an end this summer, the are on the lookout for someone to replace him, with Burnley boss Sean Dyche reportedly the likely candidate to take over.

One thing that both Hodgson and Dyche both have in common is the accusation that their teams tend to play ‘boring football’ So Palace are in danger of going from one ‘boring’ style of play to another, which could leave a few Palace fans unhappy if they are just going to go through the motions again when and if Dyche is appointed.

This led Day to discuss Dyche’s style of play when speaking on the Five Year Plan podcast (17:49) in response to a fan’s question, and say that it might be as boring, but could still prove useful in some ways for Palace:

“I don’t see how anybody would be happy to pay money to watch Burnley play, they play the way they play, they get the ball forward as quickly as possible. If you’re a fan of that sort of football, then you know, I still think Sean Dyche is the most likely fit to replace Roy if he does go.

“Why would that be exciting? The football would be just as functional, just might may be more effective, if anything Sean Dyche’s more committed to one style of football than Roy Hodgson is. So that, I don’t get”

Is Sean Dyche is a good option for Palace?





TIF Thoughts on Kevin Day’s comments about Sean Dyche and his style of play

This all comes back to what Crystal Palace want to achieve as a club. We have written before at This Is Futbol about Dyche potentially becoming manager and how it seems like a sideways step, but that was more on his capabilities and track rather than playing style, but the point remains the same.

The fans shouldn’t be upset that Dyche could be the to come in if he’s just going to do the same job as Hodgson in keeping them afloat in the division, that blame should fall on the club for not showing more ambition when it comes to the manager they’ll bring in, which might result in a better, more entertaining style of play.

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