Date: 24th April 2021 at 4:35pm
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Speaking on the latest edition of The View from The Lane podcast, journalist Jack Pitt-Brooke has spoken about Daniel Levy’s decision to sack manager Jose Mourinho. 

Tottenham Hotspur sacked Mourinho on Monday just days before their Carabao against Manchester City which provides them with the opportunity to end their 13-year trophy drought.

Were Spurs right to get rid of Mourinho when they did?





Spurs were left slumped in seventh spot of the Premier League table when Mourinho was sacked and dumped out of the Europa League by Dinamo Zagreb.

The Portuguese manager showed his outspoken nature this year with a number of comments which have been interpreted as hitting out at his players in which Pitt-Brooke has revealed the club asked him to stop doing.

He said: “The other factor, I think, was just [Jose] Mourinho’s constant, constant criticism of the players in public. Which again, you know, tactically this exists to get the players to play well, but in practice, I think it just has the effect of looking like the manager’s blaming the players when everything goes wrong. (27:00)

“That happened almost every week at the start of this calendar year. And obviously, Mourinho was told not to do that by the club, obviously, he continued to do that. And then by the end, we found Mourinho saying, ‘Oh, you know, I can’t say what I want. I wish I could but I can’t’ because he knew that he wasn’t meant to but I think with that you kind of knew the writing was on the wall really because he was acting so constrained by this situation.”

TIF Thoughts on Pitt-Brooke’s comments…

It is not surprising to hear the club requested Mourinho to not insinuate his players were solely to blame for some of their defeats and some of his comments could be viewed as the catalyst for a reported unhappy camp at Hotspur Way with a number of players believed to have celebrated his departure.

Since topping the league in November, Spurs had slumped in the league under Mourinho, however, one of the most significant moments under the 58-year-old was their humiliation in the Europa League to Zagreb which saw them dumped from the which was possibly one of the turning points for Levy.

Given Mourinho has now been sacked from his last three jobs in the Premier League it will be interesting to see if he is given another opportunity.

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