Date: 22nd April 2021 at 6:20pm
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Celtic fans have been reacting furiously about suggestions surrounding a possible British Super League that would see the two Old Firm sides compete against clubs.

This comes off the back of the proposed European Super League plans that came out on Sunday night before being shut down over the following days, leaving the idea pretty much dead and buried.

But that doesn’t mean that Super Leagues as a concept are off the table completely, as a report from The Sun has claimed that the two Glasgow sides are wanted to join a proposed 18-team British league to compete against current top-flight sides whilst eliminating some of the teams in .

These ideas were relayed to fans on social media via @1967Celtic_com where the suggestions were met with a serious outcry from Celtic fans who wanted nothing to do with the idea:

“Would make us no better than the greedy who tried to create the super league. Would need to be a full British pyramid so all Scottish teams have a chance. But I still love Scottish footy and wouldn’t want to join them anyway so it’s a no from me!”

“No thanks don’t want to be part of anything British”
“Extending an already crammed schedule no thank you. Just make the champions league for champions like it should be.”
“Here we go again….it’s a no from me”
“Keep us away from anything that mob are involved in”
“No, no and thrice no!!”
“Anyone who says yes obviously thinks greed and selling out is good, if so away and support a franchise”

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And at the end of the day, as the ESL developments showed, if there are enough fans that don’t want it, then it isn’t going to happen. So hopefully fans’ voices like these are taken into account when or if these proposals become serious.

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