Date: 22nd April 2021 at 10:40am
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Wolves journalist Tim Spiers has praised the team for their handling of forwards Willian Jose and Silva in recent games.

The two players were brought in to fill different roles, Silva in the summer to supplement the goals of main man Raul Jimenez, whilst Jose was bought in January to somewhat replace the goals left behind when he suffered his back in November.

They’ve since been sharing a lot of the duty upfront whilst Jimenez recovers from his injury, with Jose typically starting games and Silva coming on later as a substitute. And speaking on the latest edition of The Molineux View podcast.

He said: “They’ve got the balance right at the moment and I mentioned earlier that they’re fifth in the form table since Arsenal at home, and that was Jose’s home debut. I don’t think that’s any coincidence, really. He does such an important role in attack and defence, he’s so strong, he holds the ball up so well, he links the play very well.

“He’s an excellent team player and Fabio Silva isn’t an excellent team player at the moment – and that’s nothing to do with his attitude or his willingness, he just hasn’t got the tools to do the job, certainly in terms of physicality, so that’s why he’s not starting at the moment.

“But I like the balance they’ve got, really, and I like Silva coming on for 20 minutes and giving it all and showing us that enthusiasm and making runs.”

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TIF Thoughts on Tim Spiers’ comments about Willian Jose and Fabio Silva

Spiers is right to praise and Wolves for the way they are handling this duo, because you could argue it’s being done with an eye on the future.

Silva’s place at the club is pretty much secure after the amount of they spent on him, so they can afford to be a little slower with his development, knowing that he is someone that they will need for the next few years. Whereas for Jose, who’s only at the club on loan, he needs to be given as many opportunities as possible to prove to the club it’s worth them bringing him back for next season.

So this little tandem is in effect helping both of them out, and subsequently helping the club plan for the future at the same time.

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