Date: 21st April 2021 at 5:55pm
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On the latest episode of the U Irons podcast, Sam Delaney claimed West Ham United’s hierarchy would have accepted an invitation to join the recently abandoned

The footballing landscape across the continent was threatened for around 48 hours after 12 clubs threatened to form a new competition that would have significantly altered the sports framework.

In England, the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ of United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur had all planned to join the Super League before a huge backlash forced them to withdraw.

Supporters and board members of several other top-flight teams criticised the intentions of the ‘Big Six’, however, Delaney believes the Hammers would have also been keen on the proposal had an offer to join come their way.

He said: “I think if that amount of money is dangled under their noses, I think they would have probably said yes. I think after the year that clubs have had, and the panic – we don’t see it, because we still see the club, the team’s turning out every week, playing these games, signing players.

“But I think that the reality of club finances for all these clubs at the moment is pretty dire, right? Because it’s been a long time without fans.

“And I think, if you’re feeling really desperate, and your back’s to the wall and West Ham already was very often running at a loss, right, because of the money that they were investing in transfers and managers – it’s very hard if someone gives you a sweetener, a golden welcome of like, £300m or whatever it was, to say, nah, you’re alright. So I think – I can’t be sure – but I think they probably would have said yes.”

TIF Thoughts on West Ham…

It’s a completely hypothetical scenario and, therefore, difficult to pass too much judgement on, but Delaney certainly makes some interesting points.

The joining up fee alone would likely have made a significant impact on West Ham’s finances and a chance to play alongside the elite clubs in year in year out would surely have been a tantalising proposition.

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