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Tottenham Hotspur: Simon Jordan makes big claim as to why the club got rid of Jose Mourinho

Image for Tottenham Hotspur: Simon Jordan makes big claim as to why the club got rid of Jose Mourinho

pundit Simon Jordan has dropped a big claim as to why Tottenham Hotspur decided to get rid of Jose Mourinho when they did.

The Portuguese head coach was let go by Spurs yesterday less than two years in charge of the club, and he leaves just a few days before the club gets set to take on Manchester City in the final. And the fact that the club have let him go so soon before the final has raised a few eyebrows.

But speaking on TalkSport, former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan – someone who presumably has plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with managers – thinks that the club had no choice but to get rid of him now because a potential win in the cup final could have caused problems further down the road:

“I think people are not looking at perhaps the reason why Mourinho was actually fired. Mourinho can’t achieve for Tottenham what they want, and there’s a danger that if they win the League Cup, Mourinho would then be fired because they didn’t want him in the longer game, then Mourinho would have the same case that [Antonio] Conte had against Chelsea which was unfair dismissal.

Conte sued Chelsea, got his salary, then sued them for unfair dismissal and got another £20m, didn’t he? So Mourinho would then be fired for unfair dismissal for winning a tournament that he was brought in to do. Look at the bigger picture.”

Were Spurs right to get rid of Mourinho when they did?





TIF Thoughts on Simon Jordan’s comments on Tottenham Hotspur’s decision on Jose Mourinho…

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Jordan was right that finances played a part in the decision, with a report from the Independent saying it has already cost Tottenham £15m to make the decision, so the club were probably reluctant to pay out anything extra later on like Chelsea did with Conte, especially with the club’s finances in the situation they’re in.

But at least Mourinho was putting them in a position to be close to the Champions League and winning a trophy. Now we just wait and see if this was the right decision for Tottenham to make and they don’t end up going backwards similar to Arsenal when they got rid of Arsene Wenger a few years ago.

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