Tottenham Hotspur: Fans react to Supporters’ Trust statement

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The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust has demanded the resignation of the club’s Executive Board in the wake of the Super League fiasco.

90 percent of their members voted in favour of the motion.

Spurs agreed to become a founding member of the competition, for which they would qualify automatically every year.

But within 48 hours of the announcement, they were forced to announce their withdrawal.

Chairman Daniel Levy said the club regretted ‘the anxiety and upset’ caused by the proposals.

Arsenal, United fans also pushing for top-level change

Spurs are not the only Premier League fanbase to demand change following this week’s events.

Supporters of arch-rivals Arsenal flocked to the Emirates on Friday night to call for an end to the Kroenke regime.

And Manchester United fans are set to stage a protest outside Old Trafford before they play Liverpool next weekend.

Spurs head to Wembley on Sunday for the Carabao Cup final against Manchester City – a chance to land their first silverware in 13 years.

Alasdair Gold, journalist, relayed the Supporters Trust’s statement, and here’s how fans reacted.

Backlash follows Levy exit demands

“Embarrassing nonsense. How many people are actually in the trust? 50? 100?”


“Anyone calling for Levy to go is delusional. Have some perspective. Big mistake of course, but what Levy has done for the club is incredible, and in Berbatov’s words – always puts the club first.”


“Levy had no choice but to sign us up whatever he personally felt about the ESL… imagine it had successfully broken away and we were sat on the outside watching those teams (eg Arsenal) from afar earning millions from it.”


“They have absolutely no influence, about as much as me, this is pointless, they will be totally ignored.”


“Legit question, as bad as the idea of ESL was and it was a selfish awful greeting idea, how would people have felt if it went ahead and we weren’t a part of it?”




“A complete waste of time. Pointless. Until the club are sold there‚Äôs no chance of this happening and with new regs on the horizon no investor will take the chance.”


“What a silly thing to do. 1) before a final 2) Levy has made umpteen bad football related decisions but in the face of state/oligarch funded teams, to keep us where we are, and with the stadium/training facilities, is quite astonishing”


“Watch this space”


“Fair play. Didn’t see that coming!”

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