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Newcastle United: Liam Kennedy discusses the club’s arbitration case

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Liam Kennedy has been speaking on the latest edition of NUFC Matters about all things relating to Newcastle United.

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Starting with a relatively recent player. Who is this?

One of the topics that he spent some time on was the Toon’s proposed takeover by PCP Capital Partners, PIF and the Reuben brothers.

Kennedy was asked about the club’s arbitration case against the Premier League regarding the takeover.

After the deal was withdrawn, Newcastle launched a legal challenge against the Premier League, and if they are successful, the consortium will bid again.

However, as of last month, the process hadn’t started yet – but Kennedy thinks it has since begun.

He said: “I’ve heard the same rumours from people but nothing from any official sources that say it has or hasn’t [started].

“I’ve got a good feeling on it. I’d imagine it probably has. That’s my feeling on it. But [for] anybody out there, I wouldn’t judge on my feeling as to whether it has or not because I don’t know if it has.

“I think it probably has, I think the timescales suggest that it probably has, but again, that’s purely guesswork on my part.

“The official line from people in and around it on all sides is nothing. It’s silence.”

Do you think the arbitration case has started?

Yes, it must have

Yes, it must have

No, probably not

No, probably not

TIF Thoughts on the arbitration process…

Mike Ashley made his first moves towards arbitration in September when he appointed Nick De Marco and Shaheed Fatima, but the last we heard on it was that statement from Newcastle.

Kennedy seems to believe that it has started, but he can’t be 100% sure, which is fair enough.

However, we would hope that it has started to finally have a resolution to this takeover saga that began on the 14th of April 2020 when Ashley agreed a deal to sell the club.

We will be watching on with interest in the coming weeks to see if there is any progress made on this whole takeover situation, but unofficially, the process looks to have at least started.

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