Date: 16th April 2021 at 7:25pm
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United fans have been reacting to the latest news regarding the takeover following an by George Caulkin.

Writing in an article for The Athletic, Caulkin gave fans an update on the latest regarding the takeover of the club. This followed reports from earlier this week that Prime Minister Boris had managed to get himself entangled in it all, with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince urging him to tell the Premier League to overturn their decision not to allow the takeover to happen.

Caulkin revealed that “the latest phase of the takeover — well-established and painfully slow — is arbitration with the Premier League” before going on to explain that: “With arbitration yet to start, a resolution to the takeover does not look imminent, which means that, as things stand, Newcastle look set to begin next season in August with Ashley still in control.”

This news was relayed to fans via the @NUFC360 Twitter page, where it was met with an air of resignation and despair from fans with the news that not much is going to change at the club moving forward:

“I’m as positive as positive comes with the takeover but imo if it’s not done by the time we kick off the new season sadly I don’t think it will happen.”

“I have honestly lost the will to care anymore, if it happens good, if it doesn’t Bruce hoofball forever”
“This means Bruce. This means no hope.”
“Just our luck.”
“Hendrix / Shelvey bossing the midfield for next year. Hooray !”
“If we survive this season, looks like we will be fighting next season as well until this is resolved.”
“Oh well excitement over”

It seems this could ultimately end in more anger between the fans and the club moving forward if the regime is set to stay the same.

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