Date: 21st April 2021 at 7:15pm
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Lots of Newcastle United fans have flocked to the tweet from that emerged on social media.

Ghodoussi, who has been credited with interest in taking over Newcastle, has recently tweeted about the failure of the European Super League. Ghodoussi is a consortium member of the attempted Saudi takeover which is led by his wife Amanda Staveley and he tweeted that everyone has been taught a big lesson over the last 48 hours.

He said that while owning a club isn’t an easy task and mistakes will be made, but the owners should never forget what the game is really about – the fans. His tweet also included a quote from Bobby Robson.

Has Ghodoussi won over NUFC fans?





His tweet drew the attention of many Newcastle fans, who made their opinions clear about his views.

“Nobody expects perfection, just owners who care, get the area and the club and always looking to improve.”

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“Howay Mehrdad. Let’s get this done.”

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The European Super League has now been suspended, as clubs have already pulled out. All six of the Premier League sides withdrew their name from the competition just 48 hours after announcing their intention to join.

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Starting with a relatively recent player. Who is this?

Ghodoussi had also previously tweeted about his disagreement regarding the motion, calling it a ‘farce’, and believes that it was an embarrassment for everyone that was involved in it.

“Our future owner.”
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“I pray you have the keys to Newcastle United very soon Mehrdad.”

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A lot of these Newcastle fans are buzzing about the tweet from Ghodoussi, making their intentions clear about a potential takeover.

It has been stated that Mike Ashley is committed to the club’s sale to PIF and he’s already locked in arbitration talks about the potential takeover.

The reaction of the club’s fans clearly shows how much they want the takeover to go through and Ghodoussi certainly seems to have struck a chord with fans.

And given the events of the past few days, it seems clear that Ghodoussi would be the kind of owner that these fans would be more than happy to join forces with.

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