Date: 20th April 2021 at 11:15am
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A lot of Newcastle United fans have flocked to a post from The Chronicle asking them if they want the Toon to appoint Jose Mourinho after Tottenham Hotspur sacked him

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Starting with a relatively recent player. Who is this?

Spurs decided that results weren’t good enough and got rid of before they play a cup final on Sunday.

However, many Newcastle fans would be keen on him arriving on Tyneside, given his affection for the Toon.

In a heartbeat! The record speaks for itself and with the right backing he could make us contenders! His time at the top table is over but with a new project, moulded in his vision, it could be great! Under Ashley, it would be a recipe for disaster!”


Serial trophy winner & got Spurs to a cup final on Saturday. Anyone who wouldn’t take him after 2 seasons of brucieball needs help.”


It’s his destiny , finally settke down and build a genuine legacy. Given time to build a squad over few years , some good cup runs. I don’t think his football is as boring as some make out. Look at Son & Kane this season”


Would you want Mourinho at Newcastle?

Yes, it has to happen

Yes, it has to happen

No, he is finished

No, he is finished

Mourinho also has an incredible trophy record, so you can see why these Newcastle fans want him.

Would love him as Newcastle manager. The connection he has to the club through Robson is extreme. I think its destined to happen one day. However, that day isn’t today or any other day in the very near future. Under thr current ownership set up, it just won’t happen..”


Absolutely! he knows first hand what a fortress SJP can be under the right guidance.”


Yes, because of Sir Bobby I don’t think he would make any bad decisions, like he did at Man U or Spurs, he would respect Sir Bobby’s memory.”


However, while Steve Bruce remains in charge of the club, all of this talk means nothing, but if the Toon were to get rid of Bruce, it is clear that Mourinho would be a popular choice to replace him.

However, given Mourinho’s preference for spending money in the transfer market, perhaps we won’t be seeing him on Tyneside for as long as is still owner of the football club.

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