Date: 24th April 2021 at 11:25am
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Alex Stewart and Seb Stafford-Bloor have been speaking on the latest edition of The Athletic’s Tifo Podcast about Liverpool’ involvement in the European Super League.

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The Reds were one of six Premier League clubs who signed up for the league only for it to have collapsed by Wednesday morning.

John Henry then released a video in which he apologised to the Liverpool fans, and this whole debacle led Stewart and Stafford-Bloor to discuss FSG’s relationship with Liverpool fans.

Stewart said: (6:13) “The only club that genuinely had, up until that point, a relatively decent fan group relationship was FSG at Liverpool because obviously, they have achieved a lot.”

However, Stafford-Bloor wasn’t sure about the relationship between FSG and Liverpool fans because of the club’s decision last year to furlough staff.

He said: (6:45) “Well, the Liverpool FSG relationship wasn’t actually that good beforehand. I mean, the title made a difference; winning the European Cup has kept people quiet, but there was a lot of anger over the furloughing decision back in last summer.”

Do you think FSG's relationship with the fans is now over?

Yes, this was the final straw

Yes, this was the final straw

No, they get one more chance

No, they get one more chance

TIF Thoughts on Liverpool and FSG…

Since FSG bought the Reds in 2010, Liverpool have won the Premier League and UEFA Champions League and have Jurgen Klopp as their manager.

So, there has been some good things; however, the furloughing decision went down like a lead balloon last year, and this latest terrible decision was much worse than furloughing some staff.

Jamie Carragher even claimed that he believes that FSG are now done at Anfield, and it is hard to see how they rebuild the trust after this debacle.

It will be interesting to see what happens, but we wouldn’t be surprised if FSG were the owners that are considering moving on after the failure of the Super League

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