Date: 11th April 2021 at 10:10am
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on Twitter have been responding to the latest social media post from Whites journalist Graham Smyth after the Yorkshire club beat Premier League leaders Manchester City 2-1 at The Etihad Stadium. 

This comes after Smyth shared a post on his official Twitter page quote-tweeting a post from a Leeds fan who shared a post that contained an image of Raphinha’s leg strapped up as a result of a tackle from City midfielder Fernandinho that he shared on his Instagram story.

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Starting with an easy one who is Leeds United's top Premier League goalscorer this season?

In the caption to his post, Smyth said that intentional fouls made with force “should maybe result in red cards.”

Smyth also said that if unintentional fouls like the one that Liam Cooper got a red card for in the game against Pep Guardiola’s side, then why can’t intentional fouls like the one Fernandinho made on Raphinha, that was only given a yellow card.

This post then gathered a lot of replies from Leeds fans who were quick to share their thoughts on what Smyth had to say.

So, what did these Leeds fans have to say in response to Smyth’s post about Fernandinho’s foul on Raphinha?

“It’s beyond a joke.”


“The tackle on Raphina was a professional foul & designed to take him out of the game. That thigh collision is very painful.”


“He should have gone. Last man and it was naughty.”


“Agree 100%. That foul by Fernandinho was cynical, no attempt to play the ball and was dangerous. He should’ve walked for violent conduct”


“Had officials done their job for both sides, they’d have had to send of two of their players imho. The tackle on Raph was uglier, and potentially more damaging than Coopers.”


“Could clearly see unnecessary force was used by Fernandinho, who has a of it. No need for it at this stage of the season.”


Looking at the replies to this post, it’s clear to see that these Leeds fans are convinced that the collision from Fernandinho on Raphinha during the game should have resulted in the City man being sent off.

Do you think Fernandinho should have been sent off?





In our view, while it’s understandable why these Leeds fans would be slightly annoyed that Cooper was sent off earlier in the match and Fernandinho wasn’t for his collision with Raphinha but given the fact that they eventually won the match perhaps they should put this concern over the refereeing decisions to bed.

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