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Leicester City: Troy Deeney weighs in on Brendan Rodgers to Tottenham talk

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Former Premier League forward Troy Deeney has dismissed claims that Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers could move to Tottenham Hotspur any time soon.

A report in The Daily Mail last week suggested that only finishing in the top four would be enough to keep the Portuguese head coach in charge in North London, something that is very much balanced on a knife-edge right now, and that the Foxes boss is someone who is ‘admired’ by the hierarchy at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

But as heard on the TalkSPORT Daily podcast, Deeney has his doubts on whether or not Rodgers would be willing to make the move to a club that isn’t necessarily a ‘step up’ at this moment in time.

He said: “No, I don’t think it’s a step up. I think it would be a job that interests him, because naturally, the fans are asking for a certain style of football, they’ve got young players there, they’ve got quality players there that he could build and definitely have an imprint on very quickly.

“But yeah, I don’t think he’s going to move anytime soon. If you look at Leicester and what they’re building, I think they’ve got the perfect mix.”

Will Leicester win a trophy whilst Rodgers is in charge?





TIF Thoughts on Troy Deeney’s comments regarding Brendan Rodgers moving to Tottenham Hotspur…

Deeney is right here when he talks about the immediate future of both sides and which one offers up more. Leicester, for instance, have got far more going for them when it comes to their plans for next season, with League football looking pretty assured compared to Spurs, which could be huge in the transfer market and the targets they could attract.

Add to that, the overall upward trajectory that Leicester are on compared to the disaster of Spurs’ season and the stability that brings, Rodgers’ side just come across as the far more attractive and ‘bigger’ job right now, so even if Spurs were to make an approach, it would probably take an awful lot to convince Rodgers to move on at this point in time.

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